This is Your WordPress on Bootstrap

May 4, 2016

The ResQTek website is a playground for current and emerging technologies with respect to web design. Every couple of years, I try something different to springboard into new territory. This time around, I combined WordPress with Bootstrap. Without a canned template or theme, this attempt required some hand-coding to learn how the two platforms can work together. After building a responsive bootstrap framework and blending it into WordPress theme files, the end result is a very lightweight “less-is-more” approach that should look clean on every device. And, thanks to CSS3, I even ditched the Flash plug-in and can rely solely on the latest Internet browsers to handle animation.

Depending on the need, one or both of these tools should handle most web design projects with ease. I’m personally very pleased with the results. The technology was certainly worth learning.

If you find any errors, I’m happy to hear about them. This experiment is not without its bugs! 🙂