A good defrag goes a long way.

September 22, 2004

*chug chug chug chug*

That’s what my computer does when I turn it on. Aside from the fact that it only runs at 850 mHz, there is something I can do to speed things up a little.

It may sound strange, but all it needs is a good defrag. My hard drive gets a workout every day and I’m constantly downloading, installing, deleting, copying and moving files from folder to folder. And with multiple accounts on the machine, these actions are repeated quite often. Over time, this bogs down the machine and the hard drive is working extra hard to find things, to store things, and to keep track of all the files that accumulate.

So… what can I do about it? Defrag! This command, built into the Windows operating system, will consolidate free space and organize fragmented files keeping the computer healthy.

Here’s a great tutorial on what defragmenting is and how to do it.