Computer Insomnia? >>POWERCFG

October 15, 2010

I’m trying to conserve energy by putting my computers to sleep at night. It makes perfect sense, but it doesn’t always work. With Windows 7, there is a new tool available that will help analyze your system’s power saving issues. It’s called powercfg.

With powercfg, a command line is used in an advanced prompt window to generate a report about your computer’s sleep habits. A… sleep study, if you will. The report indicates any problems related to hardware or software that are preventing your computer from properly managing power settings.

> Click the Start button.
> Type cmd in the search box.
> Right-click the Command Prompt entry.
> Click Run as Administrator, then allow the action when prompted.
> Type powercfg -energy at the prompt and press enter.
> Wait 60 seconds for the report to generate.
> Find the HTML file that is created (usually c:windowssystem32energy-report.html)
> Examine the file to find all the problems detected.

More information about this tool is on Microsoft’s website.