Delaying Windows XP Service Pack

August 14, 2004

I, for one, prefer not to install a Microsoft Service Pack the moment it’s
released.  Especially one as large and complicated as the soon to be
released XP-SP2. I find it’s best to wait at least one week before
installing any significant update to an application. The goal is to let everyone
else find all the flaws and pitfalls first.  Then after a patch — or
two — is released, the inevitable bugs transferred to your system will be
lessened and/or corrected before it’s too late.

Now for the tricky part. Microsoft is planning on forcing all
of Windows XP to install this update the moment it is

Since this update is critical, it’s not a good idea to avoid it entirely.
Instead, follow the instructions below to postpone the
installation.  This will allow for time during which problems will be
solved, and updates to the service pack will be available.

Corporations updating large numbers of clients should reference this link:

Individuals can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open  Control Panel->System
  2. Switch to the “Automatic Updates” tab
  3. Under this tab you have a couple options:
    — You could disable the entire
    service by unchecking the box at the top (not recommended)
    — Or, change the
    selected radio button below to “Notify me before downloading any updates…”

  4. Select one and click OK

Personally, I keep the service enabled, and select the “Notify me…”
option.  This allows me to be notified and to install all the latest
updates when I’m good and ready.

Stay tuned for notes about the aftermath we encounter resulting from this