Facebook Fan Pages

February 16, 2010

There are so many places on the Internet to attract attention and communicate with others. With the redesign of ResQTek’s website, it made sense to connect to people on Facebook, as well. There are three ways I could have approached this:

  1. Invite all my clients and friends and family to my personal Facebook page which has a link to the ResQTek website on the info tab.
    This is a great idea, and I created a “business” list of friends within my profile settings to distinguish business and personal contacts. There is some crossover, but it allows me to connect personally as well as professionally to people I am familiar with.
  2. Create a “Group” for ResQTek communciations and invite everyone to join.
    Since I plan to conduct business on my website, primarily, I didn’t want to have to maintain two places and/or direct visitors to two websites to participate in discussions. My company’s purpose doesn’t warrant a lot of group discussion anyway, as there are no other team members to contribute.
  3. Create a “Fan Page” for ResQTek quips and status notes.
    This makes a lot more sense for us than #2, and allows a connection from Facebook to this website. It’s a way to draw traffic and also to reach people who frequent Facebook.

So, in all, we hope our Fan Page will help increase our website visitors, reach our clients, and improve our search rankings in the long run. If you’re not a “fan” already, become one today! 🙂

Create your own Fan Page on Facebook and don’t forget to link it to your website, and vice versa.