More on WinXP SP2

September 14, 2004

A couple of weeks have passed since the release of the Windows XP SP2 update from Microsoft.  Did we wait long enough prior to installation?  Here is a good reference describing some of the problems encountered:

Based on that vantage point, most people are not having significant problems with SP2.  However, there are a few who discovered a few particularly nasty surprises.  For instance:

  1. If you do not have at least 1.5 gigabytes of hard drive space available on the windows drive, then DON’T INSTALL. The installation will fail part-way through, leaving your PC unstable.
  2. If you are using DivX, remove it first. If you don’t, your PC will hang when you do some of the most simple file system tasks.
  3. Roxio Easy CD Creator is incompatible with SP2 (ask Roxio for a fix)
  4. A long list of applications that require setting changes is available.  Here are two links to Microsoft’s documented list: and

Given that information, there is a need to have some knowledge of IP ports and Windows configuration settings in order to get your applications running again. So, if one of your applications is listed, be careful not to get in over your head.

My recommendation is: Do not to upgrade UNTIL you read the list of applications and understand what you may need to do. Print the list before you install the service pack just in case you lose your Internet connection after the installation.

Additionally, Microsoft posted a page specifically for SP2 support at: