Open Files. Fast.

November 15, 2005

The Windows “Send To” context menu item is a great thing.  But, it can be made even more useful. You can actually add any program to the list of applications that a file can be sent to.  When editing my programming files, I like to right-click and send them to Notepad, for example. Fast and easy.

To set up the “Send To” menu with your personal preferences, create a shortcut for the applications, then copy those shortcuts to C:Documents and Settings<userid>SendTo. You can also delete any shortcuts you don’t want from that folder. Less clutter = more productivity!

To make the shortcut available for all the users of your computer, copy it to the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersSendTo directory. Note: By default, the “Send To” directory isn’t in this location and will need to be created.