Spring Cleaning

May 14, 2010

Every 6-12 months, consider cracking open your computer case. In addition to: 1. Backing up your files regularly, 2. Optimizing your hard drive(s), and 3. Updating your security software, it’s also important to clean the hardware.

By unclogging the air vents and removing sticky dust from your computer components, you are extending the life of your computer and preventing your hardware from burning out due to overheating. The airflow inside your computer case, in particular, is designed to keep everything cool. Dust (and other stuff) can eventually block the flow of air and cause a major failure.

Microsoft has a decent “How To” page that describes the cleaning process. Especially if you keep your computer on the floor, this process is a MUST DO!

While you have the computer open, you may also consider upgrading the memory (aka RAM) — it’s a simple task that can speed up your machine without a significant investment in time or money. Opening the computer can be a pain, so accomplishing everything at once is ideal. Microsoft covers that base, too. Might as well take a peek!