Spying eyes are on YOU.

May 27, 2004

  1. I’m not a random clicker.
  2. I visit only “safe” websites.
  3. I do not open e-mail attachments from unknown senders.
  4. I have anti-virus protection on my computer.
  5. My Internet connection is dial-up.
  6. My computer is behind a firewall.

Agreeing with these statements may give you the impression that your computer is protected against all the evils of the Internet. But then, you notice an overall sluggish behavior when browsing the ‘Net. And what are all these extraneous pop-up windows?

Welcome to the world of spyware. It’s an uphill battle. You don’t know it, but small programs are downloaded onto your machine while you’re quietly browsing websites and downloading your favorite software. The symptoms can render your machine useless in a matter of days.

For protection against this type of offense, try SpyBot – Search & Destroy.